Remote Diagnostic Technologies Ltd (RDT) has announced the launch of its Tempus ALS monitor and defibrillator.

Lighter and more focused than existing technologies, the Tempus ALS enables paramedics to carry less and do much more. Furthermore, its advanced data collection and sharing capabilities offer a clear pathway for organisations looking to realise the vision of the Smart Ambulance.

The military-grade Tempus ALS comprises a 3.2kg advanced vital signs monitor and 2kg professional defibrillator that slots into the paramedic’s fully-equipped grab bag. It is the lightest and most ergonomic solution on the market, minimising the load carried by already overburdened paramedics. The compact lightweight design further allows for standardisation across all vehicle types – from bikes to cars, ambulances to helicopters – offering unprecedented flexibility of deployment.

As a defibrillator is mandatory, but only used in a small percentage of call-outs, the Tempus ALS incorporates a unique dual screen capability that allows the monitor and defibrillator to perform all functions independently but to automatically pair when together. This helps the user to focus solely on the critical information at hand and to better recognise and manage a deteriorating patient this is further supported by the fact that both devices are intuitive and easy to use.

Professor Richard Lyon MBE – Associate Medical Director, KSSAAT, explained, ‘At Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance, we have embedded the Tempus ALS system into the core of our operation. The Tempus design allows it to be carried easily within our response pack, yet it is versatile enough to transmit data directly from scene, ambulance or even helicopter in-flight. The data-handling capacity of the Tempus is first-class, as it seamlessly interfaces with our patient record system, improving clinical care and powering research and development.’

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