Learn about the challenges people face when starting to quit smoking, how Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) can help, and how you can support individuals to quit.

Join smoking cessation and behaviour change trainer Jennifer Percival for a new & free training session on smoking cessation and NRT sponsored by Nicorette.

First touching on why it is so hard to quit, we will look at the nicotine withdrawal cycle, withdrawal effects, and general motivations for quitting. We will then explain how NRT can help quitters and why a combination NRT (patch plus fast acting NRT) can help increase a smoker’s chances of quitting compared to a single NRT format. Finally, we will look at how to have effective conversations with people coming into pharmacies looking for products and advice to help them quit smoking.

The webinar will be hosted by Jennifer Percival, a smoking cessation and behaviour change trainer.

To book your place, please register at https://www.pharmagenius.co.uk/nicorettenrtwebinar