Pharmaceutical Society NI: COVID-19 Updates

The Pharmaceutical Society NI is working closely to and with the Department of Health NI, the GPhC and other key stakeholders to ensure that they are taking appropriate regulatory actions to support pharmacists during this extremely difficult period, while also protecting the public and maintaining the continuity of the pharmacy profession. To stay updated on [...]

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Coronavirus Mental Health Study Shows Depression and Anxiety Spike

Depression and anxiety spiked after lockdown announcement, a coronavirus mental health study shows. There was a spike in the number of people reporting significant levels of depression and anxiety immediately following the Prime Minister’s announcement of a lockdown on 23rd March, a study has found. On 24th March, 38 per cent of study participants reported [...]

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BMA Welcomes the Opening of First COVID-19 Primary Care Assessment Centre in Belfast

BMA Northern Ireland has welcomed the opening of the first GP-led Covid-19 primary care assessment centre in Belfast [opens Tuesday 31 March 2020]. Speaking about the opening, GP Lead Dr Ursula Brennan, a member of BMA NI General Practitioner’s Committee, said, ‘The pace at which GPs and the Belfast Trust have worked together to get [...]

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Urgent Advice for Community Pharmacies in Response to Coronavirus Regulations

Urgent advice for community pharmacies in response to The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2020 which came into operation at 11pm on 28 March 2020. From the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer Cathy Harrison The recent announcement on social distancing has raised some concerns from community pharmacy employers committed to maintaining services whilst adhering to [...]

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Queen’s University Belfast provides NHS with Protective Facemasks

Academic researchers at Queen’s University Belfast are pursuing two parallel technologies to help meet the demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the fight against the coronavirus. Dr Eneko Larrañeta, Dr Juan Dominguez-Robles and Dr Dimitrios Lamprou from the School of Pharmacy have designed protective shield masks that can be produced using a 3D printer. [...]

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Beech Hall Designated as COVID-19 Assessment Centre

Belfast Trust is working with General Practitioner colleagues (GPs) to best respond to the increasing demand placed on the system by COVID-19. These are unprecedented times and we are having to work quickly to adapt to the challenges posed by the outbreak. New arrangements are being put in place to help ensure there is sufficient [...]

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Next Phase of Emergency Planning for COVID-19 Surge

The next phase of emergency health service planning for the COVID-19 surge has been detailed by the Department of Health. The plans include prioritisation of patient care, reconfiguration of hospital services, urgent discharge of all medically fit patients, and an end to general hospital visiting – with very limited exceptions. Trusts will also be maximising [...]

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Galen Issues Statement to Customers on the Coronavirus Outbreak

President and Managing Director of Galen, Dr Dennise Broderick, has said, ‘As the global spread of COVID-19 escalates and local and national governments enhance restrictions on people’s movements, we wish to reassure you that, as a result of the essential nature of the work we carry out, Galen will continue to conduct our critical business [...]

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Queen’s University Belfast Awarded Grant to Find COVID-19 Treatment

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have been awarded a grant of £295,626 in a bid to find a treatment for COVID-19. The funding grant has been awarded as one of a first round of projects that will receive £10.5 million as part of the £20 million rapid research response funded by UK Research and Innovation, [...]

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Thank You A Message of Gratitude

As the spread of COVID-19 presents pressing and continued challenges to our community, the team at Northern Ireland Healthcare Review would like to express our gratitude to the tremendous members of our healthcare teams as they work tirelessly to assist and support patients. Thank you for all that you do. If you would like to [...]

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