Research Launched into Virtual Reality Therapy for Palliative Care

Royal Trinity Hospice has launched a research study to explore the potential of virtual reality as a therapy for people at the end of life. The year-long study, ran in partnership with Flix Films, will assess the impact of virtual reality on 20 people’s experience of physical and psychological symptoms. Existing research has found that [...]

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Clinicians’ Intuitions About Terminally Ill Patients Often Inaccurate

A simple method, routinely used by clinicians to help identify patients who may be approaching their last year of life, is frequently inaccurate, according to a new study led by University College London (UCL) researchers and funded by Marie Curie. The ‘Surprise Question’ was developed as a way to recognise those patients who might benefit [...]

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New Tool Assesses Cancer Patients’ Palliative Needs

A new so-called Triggers tool has been developed by the London Cancer Alliance to help clinicians in the UK recognise patients who need an early referral to specialist palliative care. It has been successfully piloted at the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation, one of ESMO’s Designated Centres of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care, this year. The [...]

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Guidance for Metrics to Improve Patient Care

People with long-term conditions, multiple long-term conditions, and those at the end-of-life could see their care better tailored to their needs, as the first openly-available comprehensive resource of measures relating to patient experience and person-centred care is published in a single guide for commissioners. Not only is the new guide invaluable to commissioners, it is [...]

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Why Fewer Blood Cancer Patients Receive Hospice Care

Research has shown that patients with blood cancers are less likely to enroll in hospice care than patients with solid cancers, and the findings from a national survey suggest that concerns about the adequacy of hospice may prevent blood cancer specialists from referring their patients. Published in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer [...]

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New Resource for Carers Supporting Terminal Ill

Queen’s University, Belfast (QUB) and the All-Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care (AIIHPC) have developed a new resource to help carers providing support to a person who needs palliative care. Caring for Carers is dedicated to carers providing core information for family members or friends who are providing support to a person who needs palliative [...]

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New Audit Calls for Greater Consistency in Hospital Care for the Dying

The Association for Palliative Medicine (APM) has welcomed a new audit into care of the dying, but warns that significant improvements still need to be made to support dying patients and those close to them. APM President, Professor Rob George, said that a core job of any hospital is to care for the dying, yet [...]

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Public Attitudes Towards Palliative Care in Neurological Illness Revealed

Public attitudes in UK and USA reveal support both for life-sustaining interventions and for measures to enable peaceful death in progressive neurological illness such as dementia, according to a survey carried out by researchers at the University of Cambridge. The study found that one-in-six people believes that measures must be taken to sustain life at [...]

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New Programme Changing Future Framework of End-of-Life Services

A range of experts from palliative care, engineering, design, social sciences and public health are coming together to take a radical look at end-of-life care, in line with the launch of Marie Curie’s Design to Care Programme. The five-year £3.5 million Marie Curie Design to Care Programme aims to build the future foundations for pioneering [...]

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Transforming MND Care Audit Tool Launched

The MND (Motor Neurone Disease) Association has announced the launch of Transforming MND Care – a free-to-use Excel-based audit tool. Developed by the organisation in collaboration with people living with MND, carers, and health and social care professionals, the resource enables health and social care professionals to see how well their service meets the standards [...]

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