Queen’s University Belfast, School of Pharmacy, Undergraduate Awards 2019

Pharmacy Forum NI Gold Medal for Overall Distinction in Pharmacy Ruth Allen Presented by Sheelin McKeagney MediCare Pharmacy Group Prize for Distinction in Level 3 Niamh Martin Presented by Colin Deehan Lloyds Pharmacy Prize for Distinction in Responding to Symptoms Zelda Primrose [...]

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Learning a Thing or Two

As we enter the final chapter of 2019, Warwick Smith, Director General of the British Biosimilars Association, reflects on how the lessons garnered from adalimumab have the potential to drive future launches. Undoubtedly one of the major developments in recent UK biosimilar history was the end of the adalimumab patent at the end of 2018 [...]

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Breaking the Ice

Cold weather and seasonal bugs can aggravate existing health problems, making people with long-term conditions, such as kidney disease, more vulnerable to illnesses. Even if people are managing their long-term condition well, and leading otherwise healthy lives, it’s important that they continue to protect themselves. Kidney Care UK advise on the information which patients should [...]

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Setting their Sights Higher

Pharmacists are often at the helm of patient care – offering convenient access to a comprehensive range of services. However, too high a proportion of the population still remain unaware that the sector’s scope extends to help with dry eye syndrome too. NIHR chats to two pharmacists about their encounters with the condition, and gauge [...]

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Bringing Banking to You

WORKPLACE BANKING Recent research from The Financial Conduct Authority, ‘Financial Lives of Consumers Across the UK’, shows a clear link between financial wellbeing and employee productivity, with money concerns having a serious effect on employee mental, physical and social wellbeing. This issue is all the more prevalent in Northern Ireland which has the highest levels [...]

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Food poverty

In this issue’s column, the British Dietetic Association explore the role of dietitians in reducing the impact of food poverty and health inequalities in Northern Ireland. An estimated 292,000 people in Northern Ireland were living in poverty in 2017 / 2018 – that’s 16 per cent of the Northern Ireland population. (1) This likely significantly [...]

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Changes for the Better

In this edition of NIHR, DXC Technology, the world’s leading independent end-to-end IT services company who deliver services in partnership with HSCNI, share advice as to how you can inspire and accelerate your organisation’s digital transformation journey.  What’s Happening to my Data? George Mathew, MD, Chief Medical Officer for the North American Healthcare organisation for [...]

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Coming to a Head

A surge of optimism beckons as new research and efforts march towards the transformation of the brain tumour landscape. Erica Moyes, from the Brain Tumour Charity, explains. If you ever hear that someone has a brain tumour, it could be one of 150 different types. Uniquely, brain tumours have wide-ranging effects depending on their location, [...]

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In Glowing Terms

Winter often elicits skincare frets in patients, but by providing the appropriate advice and products, you can help them understand that their skin can not only successfully withstand the worsening weather but be boosted both in health and appearance. NIHR takes a look at the factors to consider and the importance of restoring balance to [...]

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In the Cold Light of Day

Winter can be a worrisome time for individuals with asthma – fuelled by fears of intensified symptoms and insufficient preparation. Dr Peter Kewin, Consultant in Respiratory and General Medicine, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, investigates the factors which come into play, and how you can help patients cope in the colder months. Winter is coming! While [...]

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