RCGPNI Calls for an Urgent and Collective Approach to Tackling Waiting Lists

Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners in Northern Ireland, Dr Laurence Dorman says action is urgently required to tackle waiting lists and calls for more support for GPs who are caring for patients caught in the backlog. Dr Laurence Dorman commented: “For too long, hospital waiting lists have been allowed to endlessly grow [...]

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Putting it on the Map

Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) is a disorder relating to the way the brain sends and receives signals, in which the symptoms range from muscle spasms and movement disorders, to seizures and blackouts. With the condition having been mired in controversy, and for decades often dismissed as being of purely psychological origin, Tom Plender, a musician, [...]

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Demand for Sexual Health Products Expected to Accelerate as Consumers Get Ready for a Summer of Love

New research by VIAGRA connect released today reveals that 72% of men in the UK aged 25-34 are planning to visit a pharmacy to stock up on sexual health products in preparation for a post lockdown summer of love.[i] Additionally, this applies to almost three quarters (74%) of respondents who experience erection problems (EPs).i The [...]

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Fortini Compact Multi Fibre Range – NEW CHOCOLATE-CARAMEL FLAVOUR

Nutricia are delighted to announce the latest flavour innovation to the Fortini Compact Multi Fibre Range – NEW CHOCOLATE-CARAMEL FLAVOUR.   Fortini Compact Mutli Fibre: Low volume, 4kcal/ml paediatric oral nutritional supplement (300kcal, 7.2g protein and 3g fibre per 125ml bottle) Nutritionally complete for children aged 1+ years (>8kg) Clinically proven within 4 weeks to [...]

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New Product Launch within the Aptamil Pepti Range

Nutricia are pleased to announce the launch of Aptamil Pepti Syneo, the latest addition to the Aptamil Pepti range.   The Aptamil Pepti range: Superior palatability: contains extensively hydrolysed whey protein, proven to be more palatable when compared to casein-based EHFs1,2 Proven efficacy for the management of Cow’s Milk Allergy3 Contains scGOS / lcFOS* prebiotics: [...]

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Journey to the Cloud – Cegedim Healthcare Solutions

The healthcare industry is now well into its digital transformation journey, having embraced new digital platforms in order to reduce costs while providing higher levels of service and engagement for all stakeholders, including providers, physicians, payers, and patients. The cloud is becoming ever more critical within the transformation journey and whilst the healthcare sector started [...]

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NPA Partners with Mental Health Charities as Centenary Celebrations Continue

The National Pharmacy Association has partnered with Mind in England and Wales, and its sister charities in Scotland and Northern Ireland, SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) and Inspire Wellbeing – to raise awareness of pharmacy services for people with mental health problems and to raise funds for the vital work of these charities.The initiative [...]

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Swann Outlines Progress on Provision of Perinatal Services

Health Minister Robin Swann has re-iterated his commitment to the development of community perinatal services within Northern Ireland. Delivering the opening address to Northern Ireland’s third Maternal Mental Health Conference to mark Maternal Mental Health Week, the Minister said: “Earlier this year I approved funding for the development of community perinatal services with an investment [...]

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Fair Work Forum Planned for Social Care

Health Minister Robin Swann today announced plans to establish a Social Care Fair Work Forum – to support and develop Northern Ireland’s social care workforce. The new body will be tasked with developing proposals to improve terms and conditions and career prospects for social care staff. This will assist the sector to recruit, develop and [...]

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Helping the Medicine go Down

In this article, Dr Simon Bryson, CEO and Co-Founder of Proveca, a company that specialises in the development and licensing of medicines for children, explains why developing better paediatric formulations is so important. Many medicines, even essential medicines, are not licensed for paediatric use. Children differ from adults in several important aspects of pharmacotherapy and [...]

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