Northern Ireland Must Not be Left Behind on Stroke Treatment

A public consultation on reshaping stroke services has been launched, with plans to create specialised hyperacute stroke units offering 24 / 7 access to faster diagnosis and cutting-edge treatments. The central aim of the reforms is to significantly reduce disability and save more lives. The proposed new network of hyperacute stroke units will ensure that [...]

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Sedentary Lifestyle Linked to 70,000 Deaths Per Year in the UK

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have found that spending large amounts of time sitting or lounging around during the day is linked to around 70,000 deaths per year in the UK. This amounts to more than £0.7 billion per year in costs to the NHS for treating the health consequences. A large proportion of the [...]

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Northern Ireland Healthcare Leadership Forum Conference Edges Closer

The Northern Ireland Healthcare Leadership Forum is a multidisciplinary, student-led group that arranges conferences which bring together health and social care students and staff, patients, and formal leaders to discuss / debate service delivery, current challenges, and leadership. On 4th April the forum is presenting its final conference of the year to deliberate the future [...]

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Mentally Tiring Work May Increase Diabetes Risk in Women

Women who find their jobs mentally tiring are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, according to a study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology. The study findings suggest that mentally draining work, such as teaching, may increase the risk of diabetes in women. This indicates that employers and women should be more aware [...]

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Radical Plans to Transform Day Surgery Across Northern Ireland Being Accelerated

Last October, day case surgery hubs – elective care centres – were announced for cataract and varicose vein procedures. These prototype centres have been operational since December 2018 and form part of a long-term plan to reduce waiting lists. Now the same approach is to be rolled out across a wide range of specialities, meaning [...]

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UK GPs Call on Westminster Government to Mitigate Devastating Effects of Brexit

The largest conference of GPs in the UK has called on the Westminster government to take ‘immediate steps’ to offset the effects of Brexit on the Northern Ireland health service. The conference, which was held in the ICC-Waterfront in Belfast, and attended by 600 GPs from across the UK, unanimously passed a motion recognising ‘the [...]

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