Clot Structure Findings Helping Sepsis Treatment

A study into a life-threatening condition led by young Morriston Hospital researcher, Gareth Davies, could eventually lead to patients being given vital treatment earlier. The study looked at 100 patients with varying degrees of sepsis due to infection, which can affect the clotting system. It assessed the potential of a new biomarker (a form of [...]

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New Wireless Ultrasound Scanners Improving Emergency Imaging

Clarius Mobile Health, a digital healthcare start-up, recently demonstrated its ultrasound scanners at the Emergency Medical Services World Expo in New Orleans. The user-friendly wireless scanners pair with iOS and Android devices for point-of-care assessments to help diagnose critically-ill patients before they reach the hospital. ‘One of the biggest obstacles to providing emergency care in [...]

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Diagnostic Tool Effectively Identifies Post-Concussion Syndrome

Repeated concussions or other mild traumatic brain injuries can lead to prolonged symptoms and impaired quality of life. Understanding the underlying cause and accurately identifying post-concussion syndrome, a common medical condition that develops after head trauma, is not a simple matter. However, as reported on, researchers at St Michael’s Hospital conducted a systematic review [...]

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Plans for GP Departures Persist in Wake of Health Minister’s Vision

The overwhelming majority of GPs who attended a crisis meeting in Belfast this week to discuss the escalating crisis in general practice have said that they are willing to begin the process of leaving the health service. The interest was gauged hot on the heels of the release of the Health Minister, Michelle O’Neill’s, vision [...]

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New Tips for Avoiding Mistakes in Pediatric Chest Radiography

While radiography remains the gold standard in pediatric imaging, it is rife with opportunities for error because cooperation and positioning are often challenging for such patients. In response, a group of pediatric radiologists practicing in Seattle, WA, published a paper that outlines pitfalls in pediatric chest radiography while offering tips and tricks for avoiding potential [...]

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Neuro Chip Records Brain Cell Activity

Brain functions are controlled by millions of brain cells. However, in order to understand how the brain controls functions, such as simple reflexes or learning and memory, we must be able to record the activity of large networks and groups of neurons. Conventional methods have allowed scientists to record the activity of neurons for minutes, [...]

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Expert Panel Calls for Collective Accountability

According to the expert panel, health providers should ‘collectively be held accountable – under a shared leadership model – for achieving a set of pre-agreed quality outcomes within a given budget or expenditure target’. After an onslaught of speculation and continued delay, the recommendations, ‘Systems, not Structures: Remodelling Health and Social Care’, drawn up on [...]

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Breaking News: Health Minister Responds to Expert Panel with GP Investment

Primary care pressures will be tackled head-on within the next 12 months – that’s the main message issued by the Health Minister Michelle O’Neill today. O’Neill has released her 10-year vision ‘Health and Wellbeing 2026: Delivering Together’ in response to the expert panel’s recommendations, outlining her modes of action and timeframes – yet omitting any [...]

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SE Trust Innovation in Insulin Management Wins Prestigious Award

Diabetes insulin management service d-Nav®, delivered through a partnership between South Eastern HSC Trust and Northern Ireland based Hygieia Medical, has won a prestigious national healthcare award. Having gained international recognition since its implementation in SE Trust four years ago, the d-Nav service has won the Quality in Care Diabetes Awards in the Digital and [...]

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Medicines Optimisation in Mental Health Conference Calls for Equal Access

A major conference which has taken place in Belfast, Northern Ireland, has heard how more action is required to tackle a widening gap in the physical health of patients with mental health problems. The conference, which was organised by the Northern Ireland-based Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre (MOIC), the Pharmacy Management organisation ( and sponsored by [...]

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